Paint & PPF Ceramic Coating

With just a single application, FUSION PLUS for Paint & PPF increases color depth, while its hydrophobic properties make cleaning even easier.

Starting Price $1,199+hst

Wheel & Caliper Ceramic Coating

Cleaning wheels & calipers just got a lot easier! FUSION PLUS provides heat and chemical resistance, to help reducing surface contamination and keep grime from sticking.

Starting Price $259.99+hst

Glass Coating

Get a clear outlook on the open road. FUSION PLUS helps keep glass surfaces & windows cleaner, while protecting against staining or chemical etching.

Starting Price $119.99+hst

Upholstery Ceramic Coating

Keep your interior cleaner from Day 1. FUSION PLUS offers stain resistance, helping retain factory feel and original finish

Starting Price $199.99+hst

Plastic & Trim Ceramic Coating

It's not just for paint & PPF - FUSION PLUS helps plastics resists fading and weathering from UV Rays.

Starting Price $299.99+hst

Marine Ceramic Coating

Be ready for open water. FUSION PLUS guards against harsh marine conditions and factors like heat, friction, and solvents.

Starting Price $1399.99+hst

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