In Person/ Hands On Training

Wrap training ottawa

Level 1 (Introduction to Wrap/DIY)

We understand the challenges of starting out as beginners, and we haven't forgotten that feeling. Even now, as experienced professionals, we encounter new products/materials that remind us of the learning process. We guide you through every step, helping you gain confidence in vinyl wraps. Our training focuses on building a solid foundation of knowledge, preparation, and wrapping techniques. Beginner classes emphasize the use of tools like the squeegee, understanding film properties, and learning the capabilities and limitations of the material. By the end of your training, you'll have the skills and confidence to tackle various basic wrapping projects.

5 Hours

Tool Kit Provided (Squegee/knife)

Wrap for training provided

$559.99 plus hst

Level 2 (Intermediate)

In our intermediate classes, we delve into more technical aspects, leveraging the skills acquired at the beginner level. If you're already comfortable with a squeegee and have experience applying film to surfaces of varying difficulty, this class is for you. We cover cutting/trimming, handling corners, recesses, inlays, and seams.

The intermediate class is ideal for those looking to refine their newfound skills. Through hands-on practice, we share tips and tricks to enhance the appearance, durability, and efficiency of your installations. We provide a diverse range of finishes, allowing you to experience and understand the nuances of each. This class is designed to elevate your professionalism in the art of installation.

6.5 Hours

Tool Kit Provided (Squegee/knife)

Wrap for training provided

$859.99 plus hst

Level 3 (Advanced)

This comprehensive one-day course, "Advanced Vinyl Wrapping Training: In-Depth Installation Techniques," aims to equip participants with advanced skills for precise and high-quality vinyl applications. The morning session, from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM, covers techniques for precise cutting and trimming, strategies to minimize excess material, and understanding the science of heat application for various film types. The afternoon session, running from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM, focuses on advanced tools and their applications, inlay and overlay techniques, strategies for correcting errors, and analyzing successful case studies. Attendees will gain insights into contouring methods for irregular surfaces, seamless panel matching, and real-world problem-solving. The course emphasizes the importance of a foundational knowledge of basic vinyl wrapping techniques and encourages participants to bring their projects for personalized guidance during practical sessions. The overarching goal is to empower participants with the expertise needed for flawless and intricate vinyl wrapping installations.

1 Day

Tool Kit Provided (Squegee/knife)

Wrap for training provided

$1259.99 plus hst