Full Wrap Pricing

These are starting prices. Prices do not include taxes.

Actual cost may differ from vehicle to vehicle.

Please Call for specailty colors and chrome pricing

Our Wraps are backed by a 5 Year installkation warranty on all oem painted panels






5 Year installation & Manufacturer Warranty

5-7 Day Install

All Makes, All Models


These are starting prices. Prices do not include taxes.

Actual cost may differ from vehicle to vehicle.

Please Call for specailty colors and chrome pricing

Our Wraps are backed by a 5 Year installation warranty on all oem painted panels


Door Handles


4 Door handles wrapped in the colour of your choice

Roof/Hood Wrap


Roof wrap inccluding antenna wrap in the colour of your choice

Racing Stripes


Full, Half, Quarter and custom racing stripes availble in the color of your choice

Chrome Delete


Delete your chrome accents with the color of your choice

Light Tinting


Headlight or Tailight Tint

Full Top Portion of vehcile


Wrap your vehicle in the colour of your choice from the window line up

Perfect Finish Series

• Unique Perfect Finish solid colours
• Vibrant Gloss and Matt Metallic Colours
• Exciting colour changing iridescent finishes
• Colour shifting sparkling starlight, dramatic frozen and subtle pearlescent finishes
• Absolute Matt, ultra matt finish with a soft feel and luxurious appearance.
• Premium quality cast PVC film construction
• Suitable for long term outdoor environments
• KPMF’s Airelease technology enables bubble free flow out during installation

1080/2080 Wrap Series


  • Unique, conformable film layers for a better fit around curves and in channels to help you achieve a sleek appearance
  • Manufactured with two colour layers for dimensional stability and durability
  • Excellent slideability and initial tack for easy snap-up, but reliable tack during installation
  • Non-visible air release channels with excellent air flow to prevent bubbles

Supreme Wrap Series


  • Outstanding durability and performance
  • Excellent conformability around curves and recesses
  • Available with Avery Dennison® Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology to provide repositionability and slideability, saving valuable installation time
  • Excellent long-term clean removability


What exactly is car wrapping?

Wrapping is a process of applying special vinyl film on the painted surface of a vehicle. The vinyl can be either white with image printed on it and laminated on top or it can be manufactured colour change vinyl that comes in a variety of colours from the manufacturer. The vinyl has self adhesive layer that sticks to the surface. When heat is applied to the film, it can be stretched and conformed to the curves of the car.

What is the life expectancy of a wrap?

You should expect your car wrap to last roughly five to seven years, depending on the finish and proper maintenance.

Can you wrap a car with paint scratches, dents or rust?

Car wrap film is thin and flexible, which allows it to conform beautifully to the contours of your vehicle. So while it can be applied over imperfections, like paint chips, be aware that it will conform to them – not cover them. Before spending the time and money to wrap a damaged or rusted vehicle, we recommend repairing it first. Please contact us if you are ineed of any vehcile repairs prior to your wrap being installed.

How do I take care of a car wrap?

Keeping your vehicle wrap clean will help preserve its appearance. Car wraps can be washed: you can take the vehicle through a brushless car wash or hand wash. Please do NOT Wax, Claybar or buff any satin or matte wrap finishes, doing so will result in your warranty being voided.

What does the 5 year installation warranty cover?

Our 5 year installation warranty covers any poping or peeling on any oem painted panel. (Please note that peeling/damage to wrap/bubbling caused by mother nature, rock chips or any wear and tear are not covered under this warranty.) Each warranty claim is subject to rejection after a full inspection of the vehicle from one of our trained installers.

Can I Run My Car Through An Automatic Car Wash?

Yes, but please wait at least 14 days after installation to allow the film to dry completely.

How Do I Wash The Film, Can I Use A Quick Detailer Or Detail Spray?

We recommend using the XPEL Rinse Free Car Wash, combined with the XPEL Detail Spray and Ceramic Boost for increased cleanliness and slickness

Can I Have XPEL Installed Over My Vinyl Wrap Or Racing Stripes?

Yes. XPEL film can be applied over a vinyl wrap or graphics. However, if there are any hard edges that film must cross (as in the case of stripes), it could result in some air being trapped along that edge.

Will Removing The Film Harm The Vehicles Paint, Once Removed?

It is highly unlikely for paint protection film to harm OEM paint. Paint systems used on modern assembly lines today produce a minimum bond strength of 16 MPa and maximum of 25 MPa between the panel and the paint depending on color, iridescence and the system used. Our film’s bond to the painted surface at normal state (immediately following installation) is .0753 MPa. Even after years of heat and sun, the bond between the film and the paint increases to only 0.17 MPa. What that means is in the absolute worst case scenario, the bond of factory paint to the panel is over 94 times stronger than the bond of our film to the paint. In the best case, the paint is 332 times stronger.

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